Special machine construction

This is what we can do for you

The purchase of transmitter equipment means a lot of responsibility for the entire buying center, but also for us.

For this reason, Braun Sondermaschinen GmbH has decided to provide consulting services to customers at a very early stage of the development process. All in line with our guiding principle:

“We understand automation” and our customers.

Our production facilities are diverse and customer-specific. Each plant is individually constructed to our customers and the product to be produced.

In principle we map the following plant processes.

  • Fully automatic goods infeed via FTF (FTS, AGV) with material station
  • Palletizing (from tray and pallet unloading to “reach into the box”)
  • Feeding your product components with high autonomy
  • Assembly of your product (welding, joining, gluing, screwing, coating, painting see also processes)
  • Several variants can be mounted via station and MAK module
  • Labeling (aisles barcodes, QR codes, labeling, laser marking, etc.)
  • NIO conception
  • Data technical connection to recipe management, SPC-, PPM-analysis, serial number management, ERP-system, etc.
  • Palletizing (from tray loading up to “putting into the box”)
  • Fully automatic goods discharge via FTF (AGV)

All our systems can be ESD-compatible and designed for the clean room.

We offer special machines for the following product categories:

  • filigree electronic articles
  • Automotive products, aviation products, high-end building material products
  • Assembly solutions and coatings of electric motors/stators/rotors,
  • Electromobility: Hairpin coating, I-Pin coating and much more
  • Products of the consumer goods sector (brown and white goods)

Please contact us! We develop your individual production and factory concept.


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